NEW Sprentine


* Carboxylic acids: 20%.

* Born: 2%.

* Natural plant extracts for root growth.

Characteristics :

It’s employment gets: Bigger number of young roots Longer and thicker roots Roots more fasciculates Quicker adaptation in vegetables transplanting. Better rooting of fruit-bearing, citric, vineyard and olive trees. Recovery of vegetative growth rhythm of young plants. CHARACTERISTICS: The cellular division Their content in rich vegetable extracts in Amino acids and Glucosids of the type of the Saponines, as well as their contained concrete in trace-elements, they provide to the roots and young tissues in full cellular division, of enough quantity in ways Amidic to induce a controlled cellular multiplication and differentiated, giving place to new roots more fasciculates or a bigger and more ramified vegetative development.

Dose :


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