– Iron 6%                                                                                                                                                                            – orthouawrtho 4.8%

– GRO GREEN FIRAL 6% soil fertilizer that used to correct iron deficiency in all crops
and ornamental plants in alkaline and calcareous soil .
– Chelated link form is considered as important factor to guarantee stability and continuous
of iron in high alkaline conditions in soil and improvement of its absorption .

– Dropping fruit trees : 1-15 gm \ tree in the beginning of dormancy breaking down and
before tha beginning of vegetative growth .
– Sustainable fruit trees : 50 :100 gm .
For every tree in spring season before vegetative growth
Vegetables : 2-4 kg\acre in the beginning of vegetative growth .
Drip irrigation : doses is divided and never wait in fertilizing until symptoms of iron
deficiency appear an then start fertilizing .

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