– Potassium (K2O) dissolved in water : 13%(w\v).
– Total phosphorous (P2O5) dissolved in water : 22%(w\v).


– Green up is presented as a foliar fertilizer but its function in reality is more than feature of fertilizer (K-P).
– Green up is carboxylic acids (AMEC) with percentage 50% and essential for restoring the use of reservation energy in plant quickly during stresses such as luxurious flowering or high production or searching for early maturity of fruits .
– Quick effect that we can see during 24- 48 hours isn’t the result of containing (K) (P) or the used dosage in feddan but due to the quality of (K-P) and AMEC acids content.
– This unique structure move stored reserve in plant and directed to zones of plant that need to support.


– Increase growth and activate hormones functions in plant .
– Facilitate translocation of nutrients to all plant parts and take its advantage .
– Rapid; overcoming the stopped growth of plants caused by coldness , rain, wind, temperature, late cold, salinit..etc.
– Increase speed of sugar accumulation in grape in the beginning of coolness (freshness) phase.
– Resistance to all kinds of stresses .
– Speed of activity in Citrus , Mango and Olives.


– Green up is used with rate 1.5cm\liter and repeated from 2 to 3 times incase of need .

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