Dotra – power plus


– Phosphorous 16%
– Nitrogen : 8%
– Growth stimulants Uses
– Resist all kinds of stress. – speed up decomposition of carbohydrates and sugar accumulation .
– Stimulate vegetative growth and root mass – increase natural resistance inside plant.


– This compound provide energy for plants to make all bio functions and resist all kinds of stresses through
function of phosphorous , it is main element in (ADP, ATP) synthesis that necessary to enter carbohydrate
metabolism to provide energy for plants .
– and control enzyme (laymalase) is responsible for activation carbohydrate process in case of high
temperature and activate decomposition in case of low temperature to let plant keep its vitality.
– Nitrogen is considered as a main element for cell division and chlorophyll formation and also the presence
of high content of natural energy stimulant which consider easy form for direct benefits in plant .


– 2.5 cm / liter of water

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