– Nitrogen 3%
– Potassium 18 %



– Cyto red improves fruit colouring by stimulating genes that responsible for formation of
fruit pigments in plant.
– Provide plant with nutrients that plant needs in the phase of changing fruit colour and
ripening fruits and for formation of proteins , enzymes , pigments , energy.
– Cyto red has potassium that responsible for formation sugar content and sugar
accumulation inside fruits.
– Cyto red contains other nutrints that improve photosynthesis processes , sugar
translocation , support internal structure of cell wall and cell membrane, and pigments
accumulation inside fruits.
– Cyto red has no effect on plants during the period of storage and shipment .
– Cyto red increases fruit hardness and natural color of fruits and quality of fruits and
provide a regular maturation of fruits

How to use:

– used with rate 3 cm \liter of water.

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