Cyto Nutri CaB

Highly Calcium and Boron compound with unique MAC technology .
– Calcium 10 % (w\v)
– Boron 0.8 % (w\v)
– It contains calcium, which is neutralize the acids that are produced from cells, especially
during protein formation and transformations.
– Calcium is included in the synthesis of the intermediate plate of cells in the form of calcium
– It works to stimulate the meristematic tissues in the developing apices.
– Essential in the formation of flowers.
– And boron controls the proportion of water inside the plant as well as the absorption of water
from the soil.
– • It is related to the movement of sugars to the regions where they are stored.
– • Important for pollination inside the flower.
– • It affects the absorption of some elements such as nitrogen, potassium and calcium.
– used with rate 1.5 cm \liter of water and repeat in case of need

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