Composition :

Organic corrector with a gluconate basis Prevent fungus and bacteria attacks by activating self-defense mechanisms in plants

Characteristics :

CODIBORL? is a Copper deficiency corrector in which we can find Copper in a organic complexed form, gluconate. This Cu complex, that is highly assimilable, shows a strong systematic activity, both upwards and downwards. Copper appears as a microelement in a lot of enzymatic systems and specially in phytoalexins production and lignin synthesis. In plants with Copper deficiencies a failure xylem vessels can appear and this can cause a water and nutrients transport from roots to leaves blockage.


It takes an active part in N and sugars metabolism and contributes in nucleic acids synthesis. Gluconic Acid, a polyhydrocarboxylic acid, has a great solubility in biologic fluids and is totally biodegradable in soil.

APPLICATIONS The use of CODICOBRE? is recommended to:

Prevent and correct symptoms caused by Copper deficiencies in every kind of crop. Improve self-defense systems and prevent fungus and bacteria attacks in plants. DOSAGE AND MODE OF USE CODICOBRE is a product designed to be applied both via foliar and via root in plants. In foliar treatments it is recommended to apply 1.25 – 2L/1000/Fa

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