Boron 13.2 % (w\v) – organic acids 26% (w\v)
Due to its presence in complex form and the presence of ethanol amine that facilitate its dissolving and increase its absorption in soil , and increase plant resistance against leaves distortion result from cases of general weakness especially in fruit.
Increase absorption efficiency for phosphorous and potassium in plant.
Increase cell wall formation which increase hardness of fruit .
Pollen formation
Helps plants with falling leaves and exposed to lighting to resist high temperatures .
Used for leaves distortion treatment.
Don’t distort of growing tips in plant .
Increase plant fertility .
Increase cell wall formation especially in fruits that increase its hardness.
Helps in destroying vegetative mass in potato that increase tuber hardness.
In tuber crops with rate 0.5 liter\acre for more hardness.
To compensate boron shortage 0.25 cm\liter.

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