– Copper Gluconate 7.5% (w\v)


– Due to the presence of copper nutrient in form of copper gluconate with adherence power that facilitate copper absorption inside plant and take its advantage whereas help in lignin formation and woody vessels which increase plant resistance against fungal diseases .
– Also works on entering copper inside fungi to destroy it .
– The presence of carboxylic form that help in increasing sugar and nitrogen metabolism .
– Help plant in water and nutrients absorption from soil with high efficiency .
– Increase plant resistance against fungal diseases as fluffy whiteness , moldy roots in citrus .
– Increase production of respiration enzymes and chlorophyll formation.
– Treatment of copper nutrient deficiency for all kinds of crops .
– Increase utilization from water and nutrients in soil .
– Increase lignin formation .


– Used either by spraying on leaves or injection in soil
– Spraying on leaves :1.5cm \ liter of water .
– Injection in soil : 1.5 -2.5 liter\acre for one treatment with irrigation water and repeat this process once or 2 times at the end of both winter and summer.

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