C- Set

Composition :

Excessive falling in fruits with no hormones.

• MAGNESIUM (MgO) Soluble in water 2 % w/w

• MAGNESIUM (MgO) Complexed  1 % w/w

• BORO (B) Soluble in water 1 % w/w

• AMEC® organic acids contents

Characteristics :


• Reduces in a significant way physiological fruits falling.

• Increases carbohydrates availability with an increase of the photosynthetic rate.

• Mobilises in a natural way plant reserves to prevent fruits falling AGROXIGREEN-Mg® is a product that stimulates plant metabolism and has been exclusively designed to hydrolise and mobilise carbohydrates reserves in plants to have them available for recently set fruits in the photo-assimilated maximum competence stages. Thanks to its Magnesium and Boron composition it limits the known physiological falling that affects set fruits. Its quick and marked effectiveness is caused by the nutrients, the low molecular weight organic acids and the AMEC® molecule mixture. These components stimulate in a marked way plant metabolism by mobilising its reserves, favoring radicle assimilation and water transport inside the vegetable and giving it a higher resistance to stress.


The use of AGROXIGREEN Mg® is recommended to:

• Speed up and promote plant metabolism in the critical stage when there is a high carbohydrates demand once the fruits are already set (limit physiological falling)

• Get out of stress situations due to hail, wind, high temperatures, frost, salinity, phytotoxicity, etc.


AGROXIGREEN-Mg® is a product created to be applied via foliar in every kind of ligneous crops in which there is an already set fruits falling excessive risk: olive trees, citrus trees, fruit trees,

• Apply 0,4 AGROXIGREEN-Mg® liters per 100 water liters just after each setting stage. Repeat the treatment after 10-15 days.

• To get out of stress situations, apply 0,5 AGROXIGREEN-Mg® liters per100 water liters. In this case a single application should be enough.

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