Bio -Hume

Structure :

– Potassium 10 % ( humic potassium – humic acid 15% – fulvic 14 %)

Features :

– It has the ability to dissolve hydrophobic substances that are effective on soil and vegetative mass .
– It can be mixed and applied with most fertilizers : acidic fertilizers , pesticides , seed treatments and micronutrients .


– Work biologically to stimulate root growth and vegetative growth
– Work chemically to convert unavailable nutrients for plants in soil to available nutrients .
– Convert unavailable calcium phosphate to humophosphat in soluble form and available for plant .
– Increase the ability of cation exchange in soil in order to retain the soil nutrients specially nitrogen this increasing absorption efficiency .
– Work on increasing firmness of soil structure and increasing growth of microorganisms.
– Increase soil aeration in soil and increase penetration and improve water drainage .


– It can be used by injection in soil with rate 1-2 liter\acre or sprayed on vegetative mass with rate 1.5 cm\liter and repeat from 2 – 3 times during season

Injection treatments in soil :

crop Dosage Treatments
Vgetables 500 cm 3\ acre Repeated from 3 to 5 times during season
Fruit tree 1 liter \ acre Repeated from 2 to 4 times during season
Leaf vegetables 500 cm 3\ acre Repeated 2 times during season

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