– Calcium oxide 35%.


– Alcaplant is working on obtaining calcium in form of free metal by injection fertilization not spraying without nitrates or sulfates in order to take the most benefits of it , especially in bloom and fruit set phases .


– This compound is working on the presence of calcium for period time in soil in free form and never losing it quickly by washing water .
When it was in the soil it will be in free form that work on :
– Provide plant needs from calcium for long period.
– Get rid of sodium and make a layer of calcium around plant roots .
– Increase the interstitial distances between soil granules due to high molecular weight of calcium .
– Increase absorption of available nutrients in soil.


– It is used by injection in soil ,Do not use by spraying.
– Favor use ALCAPLANT instead of calcium nitrate in flowering phase to avoid nitrogen side effects in this phase :
1. In fruit : ALCAPLANT is used with rate 10 kg.\acre in bloom phase until the end of fruit set.
2. Adding phase : ALCAPLANT is added to plants in initial stages of growth on three payments to make calcium stock for the rest of the season .
3. ALCAPLANT is added to plants in bloom phase on three payments until the end of fruit set .
4. In vegetables : is used with rate 5 kg.\acre in bloom phase until the end of fruit set , it is added on 4 payments.
5. With shaking the package well.

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