Composition :

Growth bio stimulator : Crop + plus concentrated plant growth bio stimulator of organic origin. Stimulates the plant metabolism, resulting in increased quality and yield. contains: N 1% ZN 3% K2o 1.5% Cu 1.3% P2o5 1.5% Fe 1.7% Ca 0.25% With: Amino acids Carboxylic acids Carbo hydrates

Characteristics :

Crop + plus also contains 25% organic matter, composed of 4% amino acids, 36 % organic (carboxylic) acid, 40% carbohydrates and 20% vitamins and nucleotides with marine algae extracts (ascophylum nodosum) Crop + plus 

Dose :

To co-apply with pesticides, or fertilizers, dilute 1 part of crop + with 5 parts of water then mix with per-diluted chemical. N.B: do a compatibility test on a small area to determine if any photo toxicity will occur.

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