Go Amino

glycine : 5.85% Proline: 3.67 % Alanine: 3.33 %
Glutamic : 2.55% Argnine : 1.46% Aspartic : 1.21 %
Group of other different amino acids : 4.5 % Iron : 5 %
Zinc : 3 % Manganese : 1.5 % Magnessium : 3 %

Go Amino is characterized by containing high content of plant source free amino acids to
efficiency of nutrient metabolism in plant such as:
Glycine, which stimulates photosynthesis and increases its efficiency (activates chlorophyll
formation and vegetative growth, and also has a role in chelating some elements) and has a role

related to the process of pollination and fruit set.

Proline and Arginine which works to resist environmental conditions such as heat cold
salinity and stimulate pollen germination (works to increase cell protoplasm and
reduce the risk of damage due to stress).

Alanine, it increases plant growth (stimulating chlorophyll formation).
Glutamic increases vegetative growth and early yield
Aspartic improves plant disease resistance

1.5 2 gm\ liter of water.

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