Opening of the new headquarters in 2023

In keeping with our commitment to progress and excellence in our industry and in continuation of the journey in supporting the agricultural market with products characterized by the highest quality, the initial opening of the Dotra Company was completed in the industrial zone for developers (Polaris in 6th of October). Mr. Mostafa Abdel-Aal, the Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Dotra Company, along with his wife, welcomed the employees of the company and Dotra Chemical Factory. He conducted an inspection tour of the new building.
It included several facilities, including (laboratories dedicated to research and development, an administrative building, advanced devices and equipment for production, manufacturing and packaging, and several warehouses for complete and final production).
Dotra Chemicals factory represents a significant expansion in our production capabilities and will enable us to better serve our customers with superior products and services. When designing it, it was also taken into account to comply with environmental requirements in accordance with international standards, as it serves as an “environmentally friendly factory,” which guarantees the highest quality.
Waiting for the grand opening, of this large entity coinciding with Dotra’s birthday this year.