About the company

Dotra company began the actual activity in the year 2002 as a private company engaged in providing the requirements of agricultural production, fertilizer, pesticides, because we depend on system integrated work depends on the administrators and technicians of the highest qualified in the agricultural field. We have been able With your trust in us to be one of the leading companies in the agricultural field and achieve a good reputation in the Egyptian market because our objective was and still is to maintain quality is better which allows Egyptian crops compete with their counterparts the global markets and we hope to greater cooperation and we pledge to find and provide most of the needs of the agriculture market and the Egyptian Arab agriculture with highest level of efficiency to keep always the quality.

Our Factory

DOTRA CHEMICALS WAS COMPANY At the beginning of 2010 our new facility Dotra chemicals was opened , local factory for Pesticide and fertilizer high technology is used for maintaining the highest quality and increase the spectrum of products to fulfill all our clients requirements .

Our Mission

To be your first choice in our continuous pursuit of leadership in this field.
 Your satisfaction and having you as a distinguished costumer.
 We always strive to meet the needs of our customers with the highest quality and competitive prices.

Our Vision

Providing superior services to establish a strong partnership with our clients that would last for a long time.


Objective of company that produce and provide most of needs of the agricultural market of Egypt and the Arab that not only and find solutions normal in the face of the problems facing those involved in the this area, but also to increase the quality of the crops and reduce the costs through tested in the the markets before puting and also satisfy all most of needs appropriate solutions and the highest level to maintain the best quality